Work Permits 

If you plan to work during this school year 2019-2020 you must get permission from the school to work.  A new work permit must be requested each new school year.  A Request for a Work Permit must be completed and turned in to the school before you can begin working (Note: employers may be fined if they do not have a Work Permit on file for each worker under 18 years old).


Students must turn in a completed Request for a Work Permit form (click here) to Mr. Barraza/Oasis Counselor or Mr.Gray, Principal, for processing of the form and so a Work Permit may be issued to work.  Please read the information on the second page which lists the hours that a student may work (depending on age), the range of hours, and any job restrictions.


In order for a Work Permit to be issued, an Oasis High School student must:  1) Attend all scheduled meetings with their Oasis High school Teacher, 2) Turn in assigned work, 3) Have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 for any grading period or progress report, 4) Satisfy any other requirements that may be added or assigned by teacher/school.


You may turn in a completed Request for a Work Permit form to Mrs. Jara, school secretary or ask your teacher to forward it to Mr. Barraza or Mr. Gray. You can also bring your work permit directly to Mr.Gray's  office at Ivy High School.